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What is the Community Council?

The Community Council serves as a forum in which all segments of the College community have a voice in non-academic issues facing the college.


- The Council consists of 20+ students, faculty, staff and administrators that meet once a week for 1.5 hours to discuss issues and pass resolutions that are received by the President of the College, in order to be translated into effective policy.  With representative membership, Community Council deliberations and decisions take into consideration the interests and concerns of the whole community. The diverse membership assures that each member of the council conceptualizes and understands the various perspectives within the community, thus linking the four groups that compose the Middlebury College community. 

- Voting members are selected or elected by their respective body – students, faculty or staff - to full year or semester-long positions; though all community members are encouraged to attend meetings.

- Previous and ongoing issues include campus stress resolutions, staff living wage, increasing transportation options, protected breaks, Honor Code, and many more

- The 2016-2017 Co-Chairs are Katy Smith-Abbott, Dean of the College, and David Ollin Pesqueira ’17.

- The student selection process is run jointly by the student Co-Chair and SGA Director of Membership.

- The council is looking for a group of 8 students of many backgrounds and experiences at Middlebury.

You might enjoy being a voting member of Community Council if...

- You enjoy meeting people from different parts of campus, including staff and administrators.

- You enjoy thoughtful deliberations.

- You have your own issues and resolutions that you want to bring to the table.

- You enjoy reaching out to subgroups of the community.

Please direct any questions to

Fill out the application and submit it to by

Thursday, September 22 at 5:00 pm

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